This is You at Six (My Family)

Six means weapons and bouncing outside balls in the house and putting sriracha on every dinner. Six means drawing, drawing, drawing and costumes, costumes, costumes. Six means post-dinner dance performances and knowing how to swim.  Six means a developed awareness of looking cool. Six means running hugs at the end of day that almost knock me over. Six means clothing obsessed with a penchant for layering (3 shirts + 2 bottoms=totes normal). Six means your nickname of Juju has evolved to Jules because Juju sounds like a baby name. Six means listening to long reads as you're falling asleep and knowing you'll be reading yourself to sleep before too long. Six means young crushes: in the past month you stole secret kisses with two different girls and declared a school girlfriend. Six means loving the cat a little too much at times, failing to read the tell-tales signs that the cat is not into it. Six means sometimes you still go to that toddler place of full impulsive emotion, but mostly you are a true joy to be around. Six means confidence and determination and charisma that opens doors for you, which makes me feel proud and a little less worried about you navigating the world on your own. Welcome to six, my boy. I'm so glad we're here.