This is You at Five (My Family)

You are quick to say sorry and have the memory of an elephant. You notice beautiful things and like to point them out - tall trees, a nice sunset, emotional music, cracks in the sidewalk. You like to talk about your dreams upon waking. You are all about rolling on wheels - bike, scooter, and (soon) the new skateboard and roller blades. You are forever the maker - apartments built from cardboard boxes, Lego creations that reject the instruction manuals, complicated drawings of houses with many staircases. You are adamant that you want to be a robotics engineer and not an "architector". You are a fantastic weirdo - a quality we love and encourage and hope will always serve you. You are still our little cuddle nugget, though you're getting so big that we just want time to s-l-o-w down. You're our bright star, Sebastian Aster - happy birthday!