10 Years (My Family)

Last night, my husband Ignacy and I went out to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our first date. He surprised me at dinner with a printout of our email and IM correspondences from the first few weeks we knew each other. It felt so good to revisit the details of our first days and weeks, and we both cringe-laughed at the ridiculous attempts we both made to seem smooth/intelligent/adventurous. I'm still rolling my eyes at how much I said the word the "yummy". But a thing that really stood out in those messages was how we both had such a passion for photography. You see, I had purchased my first DSLR (shout out to the Canon Rebel series!) only a few weeks before meeting him and was so excited about learning and shooting as much as possible. He'd been a serious hobbyist for years at that point and I found that hugely attractive. I remember him mentioning that we should go do some night shooting together and that I could use whatever equipment of his I wanted. Way to sweet talk a girl, amiright?! It was Ignacy who taught me my basic technical skills. It was Ignacy who enthusiastically took photo trips with me (around California and the world!). And it was Ignacy who encouraged me to quit my very safe job in academia to pursue photography as a career. Thank you, love, for always gently nudging me forward and helping me believe in my talent. I love what I do and I love that you helped me land there.