W-W Family (Family Home Shoot in Montara)

I'll share a secret with you that might sound a little odd: when I find myself in ideal settings to create (a light-filled home, a quiet and unscheduled day to myself, a peachy soft sunset), I often get paralyzed. I think it's partly a matter of feeling like I have too many options, and I also think I see the perfect set-up and feel like anything created that is less than perfect won't cut it. I can almost always push past the paralysis pretty quickly, but it is curious to me. A couple of weeks ago, I met a new-to-me family in their gorgeous, light-drenched home near Montara Beach. I walked in, said a little thank you to the universe for this gem of a setting, and then had a hard time knowing how to begin. Thankfully, once I took a few shots and got into my flow, this sweet crew led the way. Thank you, W-W Family, for being so easy to photograph and inviting me to spend a morning with you.