This is You at Six (My Family)

You are our family's comedian and recently, the class clown at school. You are uncannily articulate, predictably good-natured, and have appropriate Virgo-level stubbornness. You are curious about all things science and nature and Lego. You grasp concepts like gravity, infinity, air resistance and space travel. You l-o-v-e school so much that you don't want to come home in the afternoon and often demand-request that I "come back later!". You enjoy meditating with me before bed, taking your posture and breath very seriously. You create habitats for your stuffed animals so they can be comfortable and safe and have an accessible toilet. ;) You sometimes sing to yourself in slight vibrato when you think no one is listening.  In your eyes, your big brother hung the moon, sun, and stars, despite how much he does all the mean big brother things to you. Your little butt wiggle dance moves are still the cutest thing in town. You come to me first thing in the morning for cuddles and back scratches and the whispered sharing of dreams. This feeds me in ways you might never understand, Sebastian. I'm humbled to be guiding such a wise little spirit and I'm happy to celebrate another year of YOU. Happy Birthday, baby boy!!!