C Family (Day-in-the-Life Home Shoot in San Francisco)

First things first: I LOVE doing Day in the Life shoots. They are some of the most creatively satisfying and emotionally recharging experiences I have as a family photographer. They allow me the time to settle in and observe what's really happening... kind of like staring long enough at the horizon line and slowly beginning to notice details you missed before. For this family, I quickly noticed that the girls' favorite spot to be was on the giant butcher's block in the kitchen. I noticed that they have a mama with a patient, gentle demeanor and a never-ending supply of quiet back scratches, tiny kisses, and reassuring touches. I noticed that they have a baba, while a little reserved on first glance, whom is warm and silly and deeply attentive. I noticed big sister Emily is reflective and thoughtful (ex. while looking at photos of herself on the fireplace mantle, she asked her mom if she should start smiling more for photos). I noticed little sister Anna has her own agenda most of the time but pauses to be goofy. I saw this family. I'm grateful that they let me.