This is You at Eight (My Family)

Eight means asking complicated questions and calling my bluff. Eight means watching scary movies and later being too scared to walk to your bedroom alone. Eight means reading graphic novels and writing story books of your own. Eight means basketball and capoeira, and a slight pre-occupation with the adornments of said activities. Eight means role playing games and doing chores unprompted and origami and so many paper airplanes. Eight means bringing me home love notes that I squirrel away and look at often. Eight means helping your little brother do things like read, make art projects, and be brave. Eight means resisting hikes and loving them once we're there. Eight means swinging wildly between boldness and timidity. Your rich imagination is your strongest gift, my boy. Let's continue to stoke that fire as imagination is the key to opening the doors that life puts up for you. To quote you, I love you more than a hundred million stars. Happy Birthday, Julian!