C Family (Day-in-the-Life Home Shoot in San Francisco)

First things first: I LOVE doing Day in the Life shoots. They are some of the most creatively satisfying and emotionally recharging experiences I have as a family photographer. They allow me the time to settle in and observe what's really happening... kind of like staring long enough at the horizon line and slowly beginning to notice details you missed before. For this family, I quickly noticed that the girls' favorite spot to be was on the giant butcher's block in the kitchen. I noticed that they have a mama with a patient, gentle demeanor and a never-ending supply of quiet back scratches, tiny kisses, and reassuring touches. I noticed that they have a baba, while a little reserved on first glance, whom is warm and silly and deeply attentive. I noticed big sister Emily is reflective and thoughtful (ex. while looking at photos of herself on the fireplace mantle, she asked her mom if she should start smiling more for photos). I noticed little sister Anna has her own agenda most of the time but pauses to be goofy. I saw this family. I'm grateful that they let me.

W-W Family (Family Home Shoot in Montara)

I'll share a secret with you that might sound a little odd: when I find myself in ideal settings to create (a light-filled home, a quiet and unscheduled day to myself, a peachy soft sunset), I often get paralyzed. I think it's partly a matter of feeling like I have too many options, and I also think I see the perfect set-up and feel like anything created that is less than perfect won't cut it. I can almost always push past the paralysis pretty quickly, but it is curious to me. A couple of weeks ago, I met a new-to-me family in their gorgeous, light-drenched home near Montara Beach. I walked in, said a little thank you to the universe for this gem of a setting, and then had a hard time knowing how to begin. Thankfully, once I took a few shots and got into my flow, this sweet crew led the way. Thank you, W-W Family, for being so easy to photograph and inviting me to spend a morning with you.

Baby Zayn (Newborn Home Shoot in San Francisco)

Oh my, this little boy was all sweetness and light. There was so much love surrounding him that it was hard not to get pulled into that orbit. I had the honor of photographing Zayn's parents just before he was born and at that shoot I learned that they were not only were from my hometown of Houston, but they also grew up in the same subdivision (go Alief!) and mama-to-be went to my high school. Small world, right?! To add to my already long list of things I loved about this crew, papa's mom/Zayn's grandma was at our shoot and exuded so much warmth and character that I wanted to curl up and talk with her for hours and hours. Congratulations, L Family! And welcome to this wonderful world, Baby Zayn!!

Baby Soraya (Newborn Home Shoot in San Francisco)

It's been a minute since I shared any new photos here... I'm here now and quite happy to share images from a serene newborn shoot a few weeks back. On the newborn shoot topic, it's always so interesting to enter the home of a new family - everything feels sacred and broken open (in a good way). If I were more of a writer, I would make an ethnograph of San Francisco parents as they begin their journey. But I digress... This sweet trio seemed so comfortably cocooned in their little plant-filled oasis. Baby Soraya was all about deep-in-the-soul stares and intense cuddling. Mama and Papa were happy to hold her and stare right back. Welcome to the world, little girl!

At Home in the Mission (Family Home Shoot in San Francisco)

This sweet trio has made a lovely sanctuary amidst the high energy beat of the Mission. Their home is calming and colorful - a perfect place for a 6 month-old baby to learn about things and people-watch from his window perch. Little TJ has already learned to sleep through the city noise that travels his way. He has also learned to love the camera, apparently, and was all about gazing right into my lens as I clicked away. It was so nice to spend the morning with you three. You've got a serious charmer on your hands.