Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I book a session?

Once we agree on a date for your session, I'll send you your invoice (due anytime on or before your shoot date) and a brief contract+questionnaire. The contract outlines my policies and the questionnaire lets me know a little bit more about your family. Once I have your signed contract+questionnaire, your session date will be confirmed.

Where and when do sessions happen?

I like photographing families in a place where they feel comfortable so I recommend shooting at home (my favorite!) or in an outdoor location that is special to you.

I shoot with natural light only so light quality is paramount. If we're shooting in your home, we'll likely start mid-morning and seek out areas in your home with the best window light. I really love shooting in families' homes as it adds such meaning to the story of our morning together and it's often where babies and toddlers are at their most comfortable.

That said, I also love shooting out on location around the Bay Area and we have so many wonderful options from which to choose. If we shoot outdoors, we'll meet early in the morning (or during magic hour in the afternoon) to get the prettiest light and the fewest crowds.

What do we wear?

First and foremost, I recommend wearing something in which you feel fantastic and something that is comfortable to move around and play with your children in. Any color palette is fine, though do try to keep the palette coordinated among you and your family members.

The prettiest ensembles are often neutral palettes with pops of color. Eye-catching patterns, interesting textures and fun accessories are great way to add some extra visual interest to your look. Embroidered details, linen, lace, chunky knits, layers and scarves, and fun shoes can be especially great. Very bright or reflective reds and greens cast color shadows on lighter skin tones, but subdued or darker versions of those colors are just fine. Avoid wearing clothing with thin horizontal striping and avoid anything with big logos or distracting text.

I've made a Pinterest board with examples of clothing that photograph beautifully.

What's the vibe at these sessions?

Above all else, your session should feel relaxed and genuinely enjoyable. If your kids won't wear what you picked out for them, do not sweat it. If your 4 year-old has a proper meltdown during our shoot, I'm cool with it. I want to photograph the real emotions that connect your family and that also includes the messy stuff. The more we can all just embrace what is happening in the moment, the more meaningful your photos will be.

We have family in town! Can we include them at our shoot?

Because of the nature of these shoots — where intimacy and realness is sought — they are intended for one immediate family. If grandma is in town visiting, she is welcome to join in the family session, but extended or multiple families are not a good fit for these family sessions.

What happens at a newborn session?

Newborn sessions always happen at your home. I like to photograph newborns between 10-14 days after birth. I use natural light only so we'll likely pick 2-3 places in your home with the best light and shoot there. The shoot will last about 1.5-2 hours - enough time to get a variety of shots of the baby, some family shots, and some time for baby to have some fussiness or need a feeding. The shoot should feel relaxed and unhurried and above all, reverent of your new baby. I don't bring props or do "baby posing". I prefer to focus on your baby's natural beauty and your real interactions as a family.

What happens if someone is sick?

As a mother, I get it. Kids get sick (or injured) on a fairly regular basis. If your child does become ill in the days approaching your shoot, we'll reschedule. Likewise if I feel like I'm coming down with something — especially if I'm photographing a newborn — I will reach out to reschedule as well.

How long does it take to receive images back, how many images do we get, and how are they edited?

After our session, I'll select the best 60+ images from your session (130+ images for DIL sessions) and edit them to enhance colors, tones and take away distracting imperfections. My editing style is naturalistic. You can expect to look in the images more or less how you look in real life. 1-2 weeks after your session, your final, edited images will be ready for you to download in both web-ready and high-res formats. You'll receive most of your images in color and a few in black and white, at my discretion.

Do you make and sell prints for families?

The short answer is no. While I do very much hope that you print at least a few images from every shoot with me, I am not a print master and leave that task to the specialists. I do make you a beautiful (and shareable!) online gallery of your images that allows you to easily download everything in high-res so you can make prints, books, and cards yourself. I provide you with a list of trusted print houses and tips for printing and framing.

Do you travel?

Yes! Travel is one of my favorite things and I'm always up for an adventure. I primarily shoot in San Francisco, the East Bay, and the greater Bay Area but am available to shoot just about anywhere. Please get in touch if you would like more information.