This Is You At Four (My Family)

You are still morning cuddles and missing me while at school. You are still trains but animals might be the next big thing. You are all arms when we dance and your air guitar face is fierce. You are all about mama right now but your obsession with your older brother has never wavered. You are over napping and into sleeping past sunrise. You are belly laughs and make-believe and blanket cloaks and belting out the song Tingalayo. You are all DOING IT YOURSELF. You have the emotional intelligence of an adult and the focus of a brain surgeon when given glue, scissors, paper.  You are blazing fast on your Skuut bike and probably ready for a regular bike. You are incredibly well-spoken, though you still call breakfast "brefkiss" and family "faminy", and exclaim before running "on your mars, get set, go!". You refer to the sun as "Mr. Golden Sun"; please don't ever stop doing that. You fart with abandon and announce the end of all bathroom trips with "I'M DOOONNNNEEE!". You are growing too fast for my liking but I accept that this is the way of it. You inspire me daily to be better, truer, more generous. Sebastian Aster - I couldn't love you more. Happy Birthday!!